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Jellyfish Pallet Art - Single Plank - Mission Art OBX

Mitzi Mager | Gypsy Bliss

Jellyfish Pallet Art - Single Plank

Product Details

Individual planks are cut and hand-painted to create a unique custom piece of art for you to enjoy. Every plank is hand-painted so there may be slight variations. Each plank measures roughly 5"x18" and comes with a saw-tooth hanger.

About the Artist

Mitzi hit the Outer Banks Art Scene in late 2017 with her "painted to order" pallet art. Her unique style shows her affinity for life, nature and her surroundings. Sea Turtles, Jelly Fish, Mermaids and more become the basis for her mission with Mission Art OBX.

A portion of every purchase from goes to the cleaning and restoring of our Mother Ocean. Most of the time these are painted once ordered and usually take 2-5 business days to produce and ship.