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For as long as I can remember I have had a drive within me, a willingness to go above and beyond the daily grind and do more with my life. Through the years that vision has looked like many different things, but never in a way that I set out with this mission. Through the rise and fall of my own personal being, the one thing that lifted me when I was down, was coming to terms with "I can't do this alone" and "I may not know the question, but the answer is always Jesus". 

As I sit and write this, I reflect on how many times I have tried to start something and never finished or followed through. Is it because I get bored easy? Am I really that bad at being a driven and organized individual that I am unable to follow through a vision to make it complete? The answer to the many questions is simply this, I do not know. The only certainty is that to this point, I have never ventured into a business of any type that was set out to help others. 

So what has God given me and what am I doing with it? At a time where life was shaky but my faith was firm, I was given an opportunity; An opportunity to move to a place that I only dreamed of as a child and the ability to love what I do to a point that there is no way to consider it work. It is a gift and to this point I have been sitting on it and only sharing as necessary. I feel it is time to take this blessing of a life and use the talents I have so generously been given and use them to help others. In that, Mission Art was born to take what has been given to me and use it to give back.
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