Outer Banks Snow Round 2

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Just two weeks ago the Outer Banks was covered in snow and ice for several days yielding to conditions that we very rarely see around here. This morning after the weather service called for 2-4 inches we actually woke up to around 10-12 inches of fluffy snow. During the last snow I offered a handful of images for free to download and print so that the memories of the Outer Banks covered in snow can be preserved and talked about for years to come. I am once again offering several images for free for you to download, print and share with friends and family.

Click Here for Gallery - simply add any images that you want to your cart and when you checkout there will be no charge. You will get a link and an email to download each image that you selected in full resolution.

Please out of respect for me as an artist, do not reproduce for a profit. I am sharing these so that we can all look back and remember this. If you are interesting in purchasing a print instead of downloading the digital file, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote for your specific needs.

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