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In an age of technology, I find myself spending less and less time online and more and more time living outside of the digital world. I suppose that you can tell by my lack of blog post that I clearly do not spend enough time on this site, on marketing or on generally staying connected.

Last week we began the discussion of spring break. Most often our lives stay so busy that vacation time falls by the wayside and we only get random days together instead of a well planned out, a thought-filled week together just relaxing. As we sit here and brainstorm about what to do this year I wanted to share some of the highlights of our time together two summers ago when we took a road trip and hopped beach town to beach town from here in Kill Devil Hills to Charleston, S.C.

Although this vacation has come and gone, the memories that we made still remain and I hope that you and your family get to enjoy much time together in the coming season.
Beach Family Photography Vacation

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