Expect Change or Be Change?

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In a hurting world, hugely divided, why are we so quick to point fingers at others rather than look within ourselves? Now don't get me wrong, I know there is a huge problem that we face of greed and hatred among other things but I wonder how many of us react in a way that creates a negative atmosphere within our own hearts. I wonder how often we do little things like gossip rather than build up, condemn rather then try to understand and are actually the change that we so deeply desire to see in this world.

Challenge: Be nice to at least one person today. Leave a note for someone that may need a little inspiration or encouragement. If you are married, take a moment and tell your spouse that you love them. If you have children hug them tight and let them know that you care. A lot of the negativity in our worlds can be avoided by just being the change we wish to see in people. Remember God didn't ask me what you were doing with your life, he asked me what I was doing with mine and mine is the only one that I can somewhat have control over.

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