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One of the things that I do every week is help out with a local youth group called Rise. This ministry is part of Liberty Christian Fellowship here on the Outer Banks. Each Thursday leaders will drive a bus and pick Middle and High School aged students up from Parks and Rec and bring them to the church to hang out, eat food, worship and dive into scripture. One thing that may not seem like a big deal but can slowly add up is the cost to feed these kids 1 day a week for 52 weeks. Most evenings pizza is the food of choice, likely because it is quick, easy and affordable. In this we recognize that pizza can get old and we wold love to bring healthier food items in or at the least more of a variety throughout the year.

This past week we had a thing called Risegiving. This was where the leaders served the students meals and enjoyed as we like to call it, family time. This was a pretty big deal both from a relational standpoint and a financial standpoint. There were around 100 kids there as you can see in the picture above and the food was very generously donated by the loving Mr. & Mrs. Rhodes. These guys went and purchased BBQ, Fried Chicken, Sides and even made home-made cakes.

I say this to launch into the first need I would love to donate to. This is a need that I am very close to and familiar with. This is a need that as I launch this site I know is present and I know that anything is better than nothing. I know that each week these kids are brought to a safe place and in an environment that allows them to be who they are, to form trust in adults that care about their wellbeing. This holiday season 10% of every sale made on this site will go into a charitable fund that will be donated to this youthgroup. 

Together we can make a difference!

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